digits is our section of wooden and brass products specially hand crafted to give your house the complete furnished look. we make truly simply innovative products for your dream home. our products find a place in every part of your house, be it the verandah or the living room or the bedroom or even the pooja. our range of products include wooden swings, wooden pillars, pooja doors and shelves, consoles, wall brackets, wooden panels, mandapams, figurines, gift items and more. do not miss the gold leaf work on wood. your subsequent visits to the gallery will make you feel the difference but a similar experience each time of being immensive, innovative and interactive. we also give you the freedom to innovate beyond our range of creation. there will always be a synergy of your creativity with ours to create something beautiful and original. you want it and we are here to make it for you. do visit this house of handicrafts for a virtual journey into to the house of the riches. then make yours one truly and simply. you can also make a maharaja's salon to suit your pocket!

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