these paintings originated in the 17th century. these paintings once an art form requiring great skill are alive with colours and exhibit a vibrant confluence of cultures, the artists came from, and the ones they adopted.

young krishna is the theme of several paintings as the artisans from vijayanagar who created these were devotees of krishna. some faces and hairstyles are distinctively from the northern india. this is attributed to the fact that the rulers under whom the art flourished, the nayaks and the marathas, did influence the manner in which it was executed in tanjore.

antique paintings are more expensive as they are equally valuable as historical documents. the smallest painting would take a week to finish because of the laborious process involved in completing the picture.

materials used and process

cloth backed by wood is painted over and portions requiring adornment overlaid with gold leaf using tamarind paste to create the masterpieces. the gold leaf with inlaid stones rises above the surface of the painting. nowadays this embossment is made possible by a paste made of plaster of paris and glue and the semiprecious stones embedded in it and then allowed to dry. gold foil is then stuck on it.

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